Thursday, April 3, 2014

Twins, Moccasins, and an Octopus

      I have not been great about keeping up with my blog, It's been over a year since I've posted anything. I'm sad that I have gotten away from it, I really enjoyed creating and sharing things with people. I have had  a lot of things going on, all good thankfully. I now have seven children. We welcomed our baby boy twins on November 20th. They have been a huge blessing in our lives, like all our children have. It was hard for a bit finding time to get away to create, if I were an octopus I'd have one arm for each child and another for my sewing machine. More recently I find myself having time and not only the time but the interest. I have all these ideas I am wanting to try and hopefully I will be able to share them all here. 

    My latest sewing adventure is with leather moccasins. They are pretty popular right now and I wanted a pair for my boys. I just bought a new heavy duty sewing machine that makes sewing leather so much easier. I love the way they look on little ones, so soft and cozy.

       I decided to make the moccasins more Eco-friendly by using recycled leather. I have had so much fun making them I decided to put some up in my etsy shop. Many are one of a kind, it just depends on what leather is available to me. But I do take custom orders and can make many sizes.

  I hope I'm going to be around more often with new things to share, it will be a new priority of mine :) See you soon.