Sunday, July 31, 2011

Re-Purpose: 1 Dress into 7 Items

I love finding new ways to re-purpose items, it's creative and affordable! Fabric can be costly at the craft stores so I found this dress at a thrift store and decided to use the fabric to make new items.

I turned one dress into 7 items. Not bad for $3.99

My daughter has a Hello Kitty sewing machine, (which by the way is a really nice starter machine. I have even used it when I didn't feel like dragging out my bigger machine.) I used part of the fabric to make a dust cover for her machine.

And on the back of cover I used the neckline of the dress where the buttons were to make a pocket for scissors or her sewing accessories.

I received an ipad for my birthday recently and wanted a cover but found them all to be too costly. I thought this would be a good opportunity to make one myself!  I lined the cover in flannel for a soft non-scratching lining. I love it and it fits snuggly inside. Helps to keep it from getting scratched! I really like the lace embellishment. I have a tutorial coming up soon on how I made it.

I have been wanting a nursing cover to use for our new baby girl due in November and thought I could possibly make my own. I looked online and found some tutorials and got some ideas and came up with my own version. Everyone I have talked to seems to really like these covers, I don't remember seeing them when I had my other 4 babies. It was really easy to make and I saved myself some money :)

Next I made my daughter a skirt and embellished a t-shirt. 

And a matching skirt and top for her doll. She loved matching her baby! 

Oh, and a matching hair clip to complete her look!

I think it was a quite successful re-purpose!! It was so much fun coming up with ideas, I think my $3.99 stretched pretty far!!

 And one more, just because I think shes so cute!! 


  1. Great job! I can't believe you were able to make all of those things from one dress!

  2. Everything turned out so well. I can't decide which is my favorite item!

  3. I think you have done a brilliant job on repurposing xxx

  4. Awesome! All those projects from one thrifted dress! I linked to your post on Craft Gossip Sewing:


  5. Woo hoo! This post gets me so excited. I love to thrift for fabric (mostly sweaters) but I've never stretched one item this far!

  6. What! All I have to say is "You go girl!!" That is awesome.

    Be Blessed,


  7. What a great idea to find some large clothing to use the fabric. I can hardly find fabric where I live and price per yard is crazy!

  8. Wow! That is really nifty! Being nifty with something thrifty tee hee

  9. Your creative talent is amazing! This was fun to see.

  10. I use thrifted sweaters to make dog sweaters that I donate to shelters

  11. Hello...I found you today on Craft Gossip ( which I love) and wanted to congratulate you on really s t r e t ch i n g that dollar...I am today doing that with a ruffled adult summer fun and empowering! Oh also congrats on the new baby coming...Louise

  12. Wow! You have some serious mad skillz!!!! Crazy awesome, thanx for sharing!