Saturday, January 1, 2011

Personalized Pillow Cases

I made a few of these pillow cases for Christmas gifts this year and I had so much fun making them I thought I would share.

I used a pillow case I already had for the template and cut out the fabric I needed. I printed out the letters in a font I liked and then used them as a pattern to cut out the name. I attached the letters before I completed the pillow case. It makes it much easier that way.

I pinned the letters in place then sewed around them twice in a somewhat messy way. I thought it gave it a cute look and it was easier than trying to get a straight line. I didn't use any fabric heat n bond with the letters, it worked for me to just pin them.

Then I added some little labels I made to them

I think they are so cute and I loved making them. It would be a cute party favor for a slumber party too!


  1. Adorable....everybody likes personalized gifts!

  2. I think those are very cute. I am going to try using the 1930's fabric I have in my supply and out line the letters in a black blanket stitch. I think it will be very cute. Roxie Meiske in Round Rock Texas

  3. Personalized gifts
    When I shop for gifts I traditionally look for unique on of a kind gifts and personalized gifts, as I've said many times before I think they make gift giving way more fun and personalized gifts.