Saturday, January 29, 2011

Leaning to Crochet

   My Grandmother could crochet beautifully, she was so talented. She would make all her grand kids blankets and dolls. When I was pregnant with my first baby she made her the most darling outfits and booties. 

    When I was about 8 I went to her house for the afternoon and she taught me how to crochet a little purse. I really enjoyed doing it and was so proud of what I had made. 
 Unfortunately I never went back for another lesson. 

Recently I was going through some old childhood toys and things I had saved through the years and I found the little red purse I made that day. It brought back great memories and it made me want to learn again.

    Today I  bought a crochet hook and some yarn. I really love crocheted flowers, I think they look so cute on hairbands and as little embellishments. 

   I looked on the internet and found this tutorial. It was easy to follow and had a really good video. She also has some other crochet tutorials that I am anxious to try. 

  Here's my first attempt at a flower. It's not the best but I don't think too bad for a first try. I will keep practicing! 

Any tips or advice would be appreciated!


  1. I've been crocheting for almost 20 years and I think the biggest problem is tension. You just have to practice a lot to get it all to line up the way it should. My biggest advice would be to stick with it even when some of your projects turn out badly. Next, be willing to try new things. There are so many great ideas and projects out there! Good luck!!!

  2. I did notice getting the tension right was tricky! I will keep practicing and hopefully I will get the hang of it. Thank you for the advice! Leslie

  3. The little purse you made as a child is darling.

  4. Love the little purse. I to got "one" lesson from my grandma and would love to crochet again too. Would you be welling to share the website you found? Thanks so much.

  5. I think I had the same little bag as a kid...I can't remember who made it, but I used to carry my barbie accessories in it! lol