Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Getting Ready for Baby

I have been doing a lot these past few weeks getting ready for our new little one to arrive. We have about 8 more weeks to go before she gets here. I have been wanting to make so many cute things for her but haven't had a lot of time for that. I finally sat down and made a few knitted baby hats for her. I love them and can't wait to put them on her tiny little head.

I first made the sock monkey hat and all my kids loved it and now want one. I made one for my 3 year old and now I have 3 more to go.  I made a snowman with a bow to add a girly touch to it and a cute little cupcake. I'm having so much fun making them, I'm trying to come up with other ideas for more hats! 

 My next project is to knit a baby blanket, better get started soon!

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Re-Purpose: 1 Dress into 7 Items

I love finding new ways to re-purpose items, it's creative and affordable! Fabric can be costly at the craft stores so I found this dress at a thrift store and decided to use the fabric to make new items.

I turned one dress into 7 items. Not bad for $3.99

My daughter has a Hello Kitty sewing machine, (which by the way is a really nice starter machine. I have even used it when I didn't feel like dragging out my bigger machine.) I used part of the fabric to make a dust cover for her machine.

And on the back of cover I used the neckline of the dress where the buttons were to make a pocket for scissors or her sewing accessories.

I received an ipad for my birthday recently and wanted a cover but found them all to be too costly. I thought this would be a good opportunity to make one myself!  I lined the cover in flannel for a soft non-scratching lining. I love it and it fits snuggly inside. Helps to keep it from getting scratched! I really like the lace embellishment. I have a tutorial coming up soon on how I made it.

I have been wanting a nursing cover to use for our new baby girl due in November and thought I could possibly make my own. I looked online and found some tutorials and got some ideas and came up with my own version. Everyone I have talked to seems to really like these covers, I don't remember seeing them when I had my other 4 babies. It was really easy to make and I saved myself some money :)

Next I made my daughter a skirt and embellished a t-shirt. 

And a matching skirt and top for her doll. She loved matching her baby! 

Oh, and a matching hair clip to complete her look!

I think it was a quite successful re-purpose!! It was so much fun coming up with ideas, I think my $3.99 stretched pretty far!!

 And one more, just because I think shes so cute!! 

Thursday, July 7, 2011

I'm being Featured!!

Today I am being featured over at Knock Off Decor!!! I love all of Beckie's sites! 

She is featuring my Pottery Barn Knock off Owl Bookends. Go on over and take a look, there are great ideas to inspire you to create beautiful looks for so much less!!! Thank you Beckie!!

On a little side note... I know I have been away from here for what seems like forever!! I do plan on starting up again with new projects and ideas. The reason for my little break was I found out that I am pregnant with our 5th baby! A little girl!  It was a rough first few months, but now I feel like my old self and can't wait to get back to all the craftiness!!  Thanks so much for sticking with me!! 

Leslie :)

Friday, March 18, 2011

Anthro Knock-off Bag with Printable Pattern

  Today I am going to share with you a tutorial for an Anthropologie knock-off bag. I fell in love with it when I first saw it, then my eyes popped out when I saw the price tag! $498.00 for a purse, it is darling but certainly not worth that much! I knew I could make my own adorable version and spend way, way less!

 I created a pattern for the main shape of the bag which I have for you to print at the bottom of this post. Just click on the picture and it should print out on a regular 8 1/2 x 11 sheet of paper.  This is a really easy pattern without too many steps. 
    I have never done piping before, so I created a sort of faux piping for this bag. It's just a small strip of fabric sewed in the seam.

Here is a cut list for all the pieces you are going to need.
Once everything is cut out, pin the top band to the top of the bag piece. Since the bag is wider than the band this is where you create the pleats. I pinned them so they looked even.

Now that you have it pinned where you want, stitch across the top of the bag.

For the "piping" take the strip of fabric and fold it in half and press.

With the right sides together pin the piping around the bag. Make sure the "piping" is pinned toward the inside of the bag.

Stitch all around the side seams and around the bottom of the bag.

For the handles press the fabric in on both sides and then fold in half and press. Stitch up both sides. (If you would like a firmer strap you could add interfacing to them.)

On outside of bag pin handles and stitch.

For the lining...

Sew the lining band to the lower bag lining.

**Now is the time to add a pocket if you like. You can customize it to any size you like**

With right sides together stitch around the lining sides and bottom leaving an opening for turning out.

Pin lining to bag with right sides together, stitch across the top.

Flip and sew lining closed.

For the bow sew around with right sides together leaving a opening for turning out. Turn out and stitch opening closed. 
Do the same for the bow's "knot".

Secure bow to bag by hand stitching it in place.
That's it!

I also made one in a red fabric with a mini one for my daughter :)

I hope you like it! If you have any questions please feel free to ask! 

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Purex Crystals Giveaway winners!

Sorry I didn't post these yesterday, the day got away from me!!

The winners of the Purex Crytals Giveaway are

Comment #4 and # 11!!

Lisa and LeahsMommy

Contact me with your information and I will send you your prize! 

Thank you so much everyone who entered!

You can still go to Purex Facebook page and when you "like" them you can get $1.00 off coupon for the crystals. I really love them and think you would too!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

I'm Guest Posting over at Someday Crafts!

Head on over to Someday Crafts to see my guest post for a tutorial on an Anthro Knock-off purse. I have included a printout for the pattern too!

Someday Crafts is one of my favorite's so be sure to check out all fun projects and ideas Michelle has!!

Thank you Michelle for having me! 

Monday, February 28, 2011

Purex Complete Crystals Giveaway!!

I am a Purex insider and was recently sent a sample of their new Purex® Complete Crystals Softener. I used it and I  love it. It smells so good, it's easy to use and doesn't leave spots on clothes like other liquid softeners can sometimes do. I used the Fresh Spring Waters scent and it made my laundry smell wonderful!

    I am giving away 2 free bottles of Purex® Complete Crystals Softener to 2 of my followers!!!

Here is what Purex has to say about this new product:

Purex® Complete Crystals Softener FACT SHEET

Introducing Purex® Complete Crystals SoftenerTM*; a purer way to get laundry that smells clean and fresh for weeks. 92% natural, this product’s unique crystal form works differently than traditional oil-based softeners that coat fabrics with oily residue, because it infuses fibers with long-lasting fragrance. In addition, since you add it directly with your laundry, this means no more waiting for the rinse cycle, no messy residual gunk in your washing machine, and no more stains from spilling liquid fabric softener.

Why struggle with plastic fabric softener balls, risk staining your clothes or waste time waiting for the rinse cycle? Simply add Purex Complete Crystals Softener directly with your laundry at the beginning of every wash cycle to infuse fabrics with long lasting freshness.

Laundry scent lovers will perk up as freshness is infused into clothes with this new fabric softener. Over time, traditional oil-based softeners coat fibers causing harmful oily residue to accumulate. Purex Complete Crystals Softeners penetrate fabrics to reduce fiber entanglement and smooth frayed fibers providing a naturally soft feel.

Do ALL of your laundry—worry free! Purex Complete Crystals Softeners are safe for all laundry and will not harm, wear down or discolor your fabrics like oil-based softeners. Safe for all fabrics, including baby clothes, athletic wear, towels, and whites.
Unlike other softeners, Crystals WILL:
• Preserve the flame retardant benefits of your children’s clothes
• Retain your athletic wear’s wicking ability which draws sweat away from your body
• Maintain your towels’ built-in ability to absorb water
• Keep your white clothing from yellowing and graying vs. using traditional softeners

The product won’t harm your clothes and is safe and convenient for the entire family!

Purex Complete Crystals Softener is available in three on-trend fragrances: Fresh Spring Waters TM, Lavender Blossom TM, and Tropical Splash.

 Get your own bottle by becoming a follower and leave a comment here telling me you did . If you already follow leave a comment here telling me which scent you think you might like!

Giveaway ends March 14th!

The winners will be selected by random.org and your coupon for a free bottle will be sent right out to you!

American Crafter Final Results

Today the final results are in for American Crafter!! I came in 3rd place :) This was such a great time and I'm so happy I got to be apart of it! Thank you everyone for voting!! 

Here is a look at all my projects for the competition. I really love them all.

 I also want to share that I spent only $9.00 total on all my crafts. I used things I already had around the house to create my projects. It was fun seeing what I could come up with. It shows you don't need a lot of money to create beautiful, fun crafts! 

Thank you again for voting!!!


Thursday, February 24, 2011

Anthropologie Inspired Bag

For my last American Crafter Submission I have made a Anthropologie inspired bag. The original cost $498.00! Mine was only $9.00.

I think it's a cute bag, so cute I decided to make a mini one for my daughter.

 I used red gingham and a tan linen fabric. I have never done piping before so I did sort of a faux piping by putting a small strip of contrasting fabric between the front and back of the bag. 

I love it but I love the price tag even more! Don't forget to vote!!! Voting Starts Friday and ends Sunday at midnight!!

Click HERE to vote!

Monday, February 21, 2011

I made it to the final round of American Crafter! Thank you so much for your votes! This has been a lot of fun and I have enjoyed being apart of this competition. The final round theme is contestants choice, I think I know what my project will be. I have to get started tomorrow, voting is Friday!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Pottery Barn Wanna Be Owl Bookends

I was looking at Pottery Barn the other day and I saw these cute owl bookends! My youngest daughter has an owl room and I thought they would be adorable in there. I figured I could make my own version from the fabric I already had and save my $30.00.

I first made a pattern for the owls, then cut out the fabric I needed for them. I also used felt for the eyes and some scrap flannel I had for the wings.

I hand embroidered everything in place before I sewed then together.

Once they were put together I stuffed them and put rice at the bottom to weigh them down.

I think they are pretty cute for wanna be's!