Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Wine Glass Charms and Napkin Rings Using Shrinky Dinks

As a kid we always had Shrinky Dinks. Well, I found out that Shrinky Dinks sell printable sheets, what a neat idea!! Fall is right around the corner I thought I could make personalized labels for drinks or napkins. I first made and printed out the image, cut the shape out that I wanted and added a hole punch to the top (it's important to add the hole before you shrink it).

Then it's time for the fun part, watching your Shrinky Dinks Shrink! I put them in the oven and watched them curl and move all over the place.

Once it cools and is all done I added a ring and a ribbon to attach it to a wine glass.

It also works as a cute napkin ring

There are so many ideas you could come up with using this paper. I also made a necklace with the names of my kids.

This was so fun and I am looking forward to using it again!!


  1. Once again you have come up with a clever idea! I am thinking that this would be a good craft idea for teachers. Students could make these as Christmas gifts for parents! What parent wouldn't want a charm with their child's name on it? Maybe to attach to a key ring or on a chain as you have done. The napkin/place markers are adorable..two functions in one charm!

  2. I love SHrink dinks! Of course i would never have thought of making these! Thanks for sharing! Would love to have you link up at my new party on friday!

  3. Those are so cute! I've never used shrinky-dinks. Where do you get them from?

  4. Great idea! I'm partial to anything with personalization, so this is just perfect, especially with fall and winter holidays coming. Thanks for sharing!

  5. http://www.enasco.com/product/9722934 This is the website I found some on, I have seen them on ebay too.

  6. I love shrinky dinks!
    Following from bloghop...would love to have you follow back!

  7. Thanks so much for posting more details on these napkins and linking to the tutorials...I definitely have to get on this project!! So neat and resourceful!! Napkins Personalized