Tuesday, June 8, 2010

T-Shirt Bow

Add a bow to a t-shirt
This is a really cute way to embellish an everyday plain t-shirt, and so simple!

I used another t-shirt that was too small for my daughter to cut out the three pieces that are going to be the bow. Depending on the size of bow you want, measurements will vary. I just sort of guessed as I cut mine out.

Then I pinned the top part of my bow to the shirt, gathering it on the sides to make the pleats.

Sew up all four sides of the bow. I decided to use a contrasting thread, which I think adds to the look :)
Next, pin the part that will be hanging down from your bow.
And then sew up the sides of the fabric.

And lastly pin the fabric that will be the "knot" of the bow and sew up all sides.

I love how something so simple can add so much. This is for my daughter, but I think I might need to make one for myself!!

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  1. This is definitely very cute! and perfect for 'big girls' too!

  2. Very, cute. I would love to see it 'on'