Friday, May 21, 2010

Make an I spy game

My kids own one of these I spy game tubes, they love it. I admit that even my husband and I were caught up in finding that last object that just seemed impossible to find. These are great games that you can take anywhere and really keep kids busy(and yes adults too ). Well it turns out that they are really easy to make and the kids have a great time helping too.
We first went on a hunt around the house to search for all the little treasures. This part was a game in itself. My kids had a great time looking for all the little things.
We put rice and thin colored beads in a bowl and mixed in our little treasures.

I happened to have a plastic tube that had caps on the ends but a jar would work well too. You can even buy plastic tubes online.We filled up the tube using a paper funnel and then super glued the caps to make sure we won't have rice all over the house. I made a list of our items and printed out multiple copies so we can cross the items off the list as we find them.

It's really fun and my kids are having a great time finding all the little treasures!


  1. This could be used as a party game! Keep the kids busy for quite some time making it! Plus they would have a substantial party favor to take home! Love, Love this idea!!

  2. I love it. I was just looking for something for St. Valentine's Day at Church for the Sunday School class. I have some little crosses, hearts, and other Christian trinkets that I can use. Thank you.